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Thank you so much for taking the time to either remember or learn about Gabriel. Gabe was an amazing, funny, quirky, little boy, who was filled with & surrounded by so much love. He died when he was 8-years-old after a hard-fought, 23-month-long, battle against leukemia (ALL). I feel so blessed for the time that I was given with Gabriel, & that I got to be his mom. He made me a better person & taught me so many things. He taught me how to love unconditionally, & how to have greater empathy for others who are suffering. One of his greatest lessons to me has been that in the present is where life occurs. I believe wholeheartedly that the death of someone you truly love is a wake-up call all that we have for certain is this very moment. We have to express ourselves, be mindful, open our hearts, & live passionately & fearlessly. Michelle Haslock - Gabriel's mommy
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My (Career) Why   / Michelle Haslock (Mother)
Gabriel was a quirky, sweet, discerning, forthright, little boy who cheated at board games, ate lasagna as a snack, and loved without measure. Gabe was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on a rainy day in April of 2003 when he was six-...  Continue >>
Miss you   / Jeff Carroll (friend)
Gabe is in our hearts and thoughts every day. We are reminded of his life in many ways. We miss him dearly on earth, but know he has a special place in heaven, and he's looking out for each one of us. I carry my own special reminder of Gabe along wit...  Continue >>
09/30/2005  / Mommy
September 30 2005

My Gabriel William;

At 5:15 p.m. today it will have been one-half of a year – six months – 26 weeks - 184 days - 4416 hours - 264960 minutes - since you died. Amazingly I have survived every one o...  Continue >>
Letter to Michelle (Gabe's Mommy) / March 2010   / Abe
I saw my mom today and she told me it has been 5 years since Gabriel has died. My sincere condolences are with you. Gabriel was such a firecraker. I always thought he seemed well beyond his years even before his cancer. He was such a little man - ass...  Continue >>
Celebrating life   / Paula Burkert
Gabriel's tribute is a celebration of his life and how beautiful and givng life can be around us.  While I didn't have the joy of knowing Gabe I've had the good fortune Michelle to know you. You're an inspiration and a wonderful Mom.  I kno...  Continue >>
A Letter That I Received from Allison Watson  / Michelle Haslock (Mommy)    Read >>
How Do I Love Thee?  / Michelle Haslock (Mommy)    Read >>
Psalm 23  / Michelle Haslock (Mommy)    Read >>
Happy Eleventh Birthday Gabey :]  / Ali Weber (Friend)    Read >>
With Hope (Song Played At Gabriel's Friend, Dean's, Funeral)  / Michelle Haslock (Mommy)    Read >>
Happy tenth birthday, Gabe. 12/12/06  / Michelle Haslock (Mommy)    Read >>
You are in my heart and prayers  / Connie Hillman ((Victoria's mom) )    Read >>
Always thinking of you and your mommy.  / Stephanie Gray (Friend)    Read >>
My Little Best Friend  / Chelle Martin (friend)    Read >>
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Gabriel's Big Brother Dylan's Journal Entries  

augustus 8 1997:   Gabriel drools a lot. I like that. Gabriel rolls over a lot. I like him to lay on his back so I can make believe punch him in his nose. He likes that. He likes to get out of his crib. Gabey loves me. Gabey laughs a lot. Gabey talks a lot. Gabey laughs and talks. Four Gabeys in a row! Oh no! Tic-tac-toe! I won! We sleep in the same bedroom. He is my favorite brother because he is happy and he plays with me a lot. Sometimes I will give him toys from my club.

September 3 1997:   Gabriel loves me and he crawls up things to get me. Gabey doesn't like it when he gets his diaper changed. Gabey is a little trouble maker and he likes to play with things that he's not supposed to.

September 5 1997:   Mommy is proud of me because I am Mommy's best boy. I came out of her tummy. So did Gabey. I bet he is a best boy too.

Januari 7 1998:   Gabriel is a good brother and he is my favorite brother and he is my best brother. Ilove him. Gabriel got a Cabbage Patch doll for Christmas. He is nice to him. Gabriel says "Goot yeah." or "goot no." to tell us if he likes food. He likes everything but mashed potatoes. Gabriel and I like to snuggle because we are best friends. 

Mei 5 1999:   Gabriel is happy and he sings a lot but he bites me when  I play too rough with him.  

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Gabriel William Stuart

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You've Just Got to Feel It With Your Heart & Soul by Gabriel William Stuart 10/08/04  
You’ve just got to feel it with your heart & soul
Just go down on the drifting road

You’ve just got to feel it with your heart & soul
You can do anything in they sky 
Into the night 
Away and high

You’ve just got to feel it with your heart & soul
And drift away into the sky
High into the sky tonight

You’ve just got to feel it with your heart & soul

Making Dreams Come True by Kate Schott / Noblesville Times/ April 3, 2004 / Make-a-Wish Trip  
Every day before he leaves for work, Tim Whisman rips off the previous day ’ s page from a trivia tear-off calendar and leaves his 13 daughter Alison a message. The note usually includes a drawing and a few words of affection, but always has a number. He started around 100. Today, the number was a zero. Since January, the Whisman family has been counting down the days until they leave for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. While many families head to warmer locations during spring break, this outing is special, especially for the Whisman family. This trip is a dream come true for Alison. The Noblesville Middle School student, her parents and her 13-year-old cousin Kimberly received the vacation courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Indiana, several volunteers and the generosity of a local business. Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes for children who have life-threatening illnesses. In Indiana, nearly 200 Hoosier children see their dreams become realities each year. Today, Alison, a heart-transplant recipient, and 7-year-old Gabriel Stuart of Fishers, who has leukemia, joined those ranks. Matt Ferch, community and external events manager for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Indiana, said children with life-threatening illnesses typically don ’ t get to experience many of the pleasures of childhood. “ A good majority of the kids, their time is spent dealing with their illness in some shape or form, ” Ferch said. “ The wish is their chance to be a kid again and enjoy something really fun. It ’ s a chance for the family to be together and be joyful. ” 
Children usually are referred to the organization through doctors or someone connected with the family. If a child meets the medical requirements, two wish-granting volunteers meet with the family and work behind the scenes to make the child ’ s wish come true. For Gabriel and his family, the timing of their trip to LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, Calif., was a godsend. Scott and Michelle Stuart said
day their son seemed mentally defeated by his illness, Make-A-Wish called to tell them his wish was being granted. Gabriel was diagnosed with acute lymphoblast leukemia April 28, 2003. Michelle Stuart said her son has spent much of the past year receiving chemotherapy. With treatment, Scott Stuart said Gabriel has an 80 percent chance of beating his illness. The leukemia has depleted most of Gabriel ’ s white blood cells, so he is very susceptible to infections. Everything around him must
exceptionally clean, Michelle Stuart said. Gabriel has spent 25 days in the hospital since being diagnosed and has had 12 blood transfusions
the past month. “ We went through a lot these past couple months, ” Scott Stuart said. “ This trip has really given him a new attitude. ” The trip comes at a time when Gabriel has turned a corner: Thursday marked his last day of intense chemotherapy. Gabriel said he is happy his entire family, including older brothers Braxton, 15, and Dylan Helminger, 12, are going with him. The
also will visit Sea World and the San Diego Zoo while in California. “ It ’ s pretty much been my dream, ” Gabriel said of his visit to LEGOLAND. “ I love LEGOS. ” The Stuart ’ s are amazed at what Make-A-Wish has done for their son. A limousine drove them to the airport this morning, a doctor
California has been informed of Gabriel ’ s condition and will be on call for him and a rental car will be waiting for them when they
plane. “ They do a great job planning, ” Scott Stuart said. “ They do everything from the transporta-tion to the meals you ’ ll eat while you It has just been zero stress for us. ” Added Michelle Stuart: “ It ’ s nice that they give them a wish, but then they do so much more. ” Strangers who care Both the Whisman and Stuart families initially didn ’ t think their children qualified for the Make-A-Wish program, since they thought
intended for terminally ill-children. Alison ’ s mother, Paula Whisman, said they found out about the Make-A-Wish Foundation through Alison ’ s transplant coordinator
Hospital for Children. “ It ’ s just a wonderful thing, ” Paula Whisman said of the trip. “ I ’ m sure this is something that we maybe could have went for a day
a whole week. ” Tim Whisman agreed. “ They do it right, ” he said. “ They ’ re a make-your-day organization. ” Alison had a heart transplant from her twin brother, who was asphyxiated at birth, when she was 3-1/2 days old. Although her parents
is as vigorous as other children her age, a body can reject a donated organ at any time. Alison takes 11 medications twice a day in order
remain healthy. She said she ’ s always liked Disney movies and enjoys art. Her original wish was to meet an animator, but all Disney animators work
Barbara, Calif. She ’ ll visit Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World while in Florida. “ I felt good and happy that they care so much, ” Alison said of the people who have arranged for her trip. The wishes of Alison and Gabriel were made possible because of two local businesses. Indiana Members Credit Union held several
raisers to fulfill Gabriel ’ s wish. Pennie Herbert, director of community development for the Credit Union, said Make-A-Wish has a
place in their hearts because a member ’ s child, who was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, had a wish granted by the foundation. Hare Chevrolet in Noblesville donated the entire amount needed to fulfill Alison ’ s wish. Owner David Cox called the Make-A Foundation a “ top-drawer ” organization and said he was pleased the company ’ s donation was funding the wish of a Hamilton County
“ We ’ ve been a part of this community forever, ” he said. “ We like to give back. I ’ m always glad to help somebody else out, especially...
Pals Always by Raygan Swan / Indy Star / February 16, 2006 / Officer Kevin Kobli  
A bond formed with an 8-year-old boy whose life was cut short by cancer has changed Fishers Police Officer Kevin Kobli's life forever.
Their story is one of friendship, courage and, ultimately, heartbreak for Kobli, who recently was named Officer of the Year by the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police for the impression he left on Gabe Stuart, a Fishers boy who died of leukemia last March.
The boy's parents say the friendship became a highlight of Gabe's young life.
The two first struck up a conversation in the summer of 2004 at an Arby's restaurant in Fishers.
Kobli, in full uniform dining with a few other officers, could sense Gabe staring at him from afar.
He smiled and waved at Gabe, thinking to himself the boy must be sick. Gabe had thin hair and a pale face.
The officers left shortly after Gabe and his father, Scott Stuart, so Kobli grabbed a silver junior officer's badge from inside his squad car and handed it to Gabe, who sat in the back seat of his father's car.
"I told him, 'If anyone ever messes with you, tell 'em you're Kevin's partner,' " he recalled.
Gabe's eyes widened as he thanked Kobli.
The gesture, which took only seconds, personifies the best in law enforcement, says the police chiefs association.
When the officer told Gabe they were partners, the boy took it seriously. He began giving verbal warnings and writing speeding tickets to his family members.
The junior badge Gabe wore on his shirt proved to be a badge of courage for the next few months during aggressive procedures at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis to treat his leukemia. He wore the badge constantly throughout the ordeal.
Grateful for the attention his son received from Kobli, Scott Stuart tracked down the officer at the Police Department to thank him.
The conversation led to several more visits between Gabe and Kobli.
One visit at Riley was especially difficult for Kobli, 27. After receiving a call from Stuart, Kobli learned Gabe was not expected to live much longer, maybe just a few weeks.
"It was a tearful moment in that room for me," Kobli said. "He asked me if I had caught any bad guys that day. He always wanted to hear stories about police work."
As Gabe's time narrowed, Kobli planned a special gift for his buddy. With the help of other officers at the department, Kobli made a shadow box that contained a real police badge, handcuffs and photos of Kobli and Gabe.
On the shadow box, Kobli called Gabe a true hero's hero.
Officers sometimes forget how a simple "hi" or kind gesture can affect the life of a child, Kobli said. Gabe made him more aware of that.
The relationship also prompted the Police Department to start a Books and Badges program in which officers read books to children at Hamilton Southeastern schools.
Occasionally, others in the community with sick children call upon Kobli for a visit, but the officer hasn't accepted any appointments.
"I never want to get that close to another kid again," he said. "He was special. Ever since I met him, I wanted to do everything for him."
To keep Gabe's memory close to his heart, Kobli keeps two photos of the boy tucked in the visor of his squad car and visits his grave regularly.
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