Gabriel Stuart
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December 12: born weighing 8 pounds 11 ounces in Indianapolis, Indiana -  delivered at Community North Hospital by Dr. David Kiley
March: dedicated at Woodland Springs Christian Church by Mark Wright

October: started walking at 10 months old

December 12: first birthday

December 24: began attending East 91st Street Christian Church
August: had tonsils & adenoids removed & first set of tubes put in ears by Dr. Matthew Bruns

December 12: second birthday

June: potty trained

December 12: third birthday


April: Spring Break = Dayton Air Force Base, Cincinnati Zoo, Newport Aquarium & Main Strausse

December 12: fourth birthday

June: learned how to swim

August: started preschool in Miss Kim's class at Kid's Castle

September 22: announced that in school his new friend taught him that "underwear are fun to wear"

October: became family's first preschool drop-out

November 2: Matthew Fisher died, a boy we prayed for nightly

November 22: tried pumpkin pie for the first time on Thanksgiving

December 12: fifth birthday

December 12: received Lego Knight's Castle set...then threw it after Mommy put the whole big thing together

March: learned the difference between "robins" & "robbers"

August: started kindergarten at Harrison Parkway Elementary School

September 22: got locked outside with a cat & mouse by Mommy

December 12: sixth birthday


February 14: first real signs of illness

February 14 - April 25: six trips to pediatrician - misdiagnosed with growing pains, a possible virus in his hip & "being manipulative" 

April 25: had x-ray on hip

April 28: appointment with orthopedic doctor, Dr. Daniel Wurtz, at Riley Hospital for Children

April 29: diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

April 29: first bone marrow aspiration & spinal tap

April 29: had surgery to have port-a-catheter placed

May 22: article in Fishers Topics (Family Rallies for Sick Child by Chris Sikich)

May 26: in remission

June: mom's wonderful friends plan & have a benefit dinner & silent auction for Gabriel's medical fund & raise over $10,000 - over 300 people attended

August 20: got new Suite Dreams monkey bedroom

August 31: Gabriel was on Wish TV news for his Suite Dreams Project bedroom 

Augist 31: attended Nancy Irsay's Sweet Charity Farms Summer Classic $25,000 Grand Prix horse show & luncheon benefitting The Suite Dream Project

October 5: walked first "Gabriel's Angels" Light the Night walk, raised over $3,600 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

October 17 - 26: inpatient at Riley; admitted with 105 degree fever due to neutropenia

October 22-23: Brittant Lozier spends her whole Fall Break with Gabriel at Riley

December 5: took Northwest Arilines' Fantasy Flight to the North Pole

December 6: birthday pool party

December 12: seventh birthday

December 18: attended friend Austin's class, Mrs. Armstong & the Armstrong's Adventurers" Christmas Party at Heritage Christian School

March 11 -19: inpatient at Riley Hospital for Children due to bacterial infection & neutropenia - received 12 blood product transfusions, came home on I.V. antibiotics

March 15: inconclusive C/T scan which was an attempt at trying to determine why he was having headaches (low bone marrow, mouth sores, molar coming in?)

April 3: article about Wish Trip in Noblesville Daily Times (Making Dreams Come True by Kate Schott)

April 3-8: Make-a-Wish trip

April 3: picked up by limo & flew to San Diego

April 4: awesome day at Legoland in Carlsbad, California

April 5: spent the day at Sea World, California

April 6: free day in San Diego - spent the day cuddling in the dark with Mommy

April 7: great day at San Diego Zoo

April 8: flew home into Indy (yeah!) & driven home in limo

May 13: Bo Hagood's golf outing benefitting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in Gabriel's name raised $9,000 & the use of one of Clear Channel Outdoor's billboards for one year from Kristopher Schmuck

June 14: had surgery to repair hernia, hydrocele & circumcism by Dr. Anthony Casale, Gabriel's urologist since pre-birth

June 29: first night terror

July: favorite past time is miniature golf

July 24-26: Aunt Paula & cousins Matthew, Gina, Evan & Paige come to vist & we went to Connor Prairie, Monumnet Circle, Circle Centre Mall, swimming & played a lot

July 29: started counseling for night terrors & being proactive about separation anxiety & nervousness about returning to school

July 29: attended "The World's Largest Ice Cream Social" at Coldstone Creamery benefitting The Make-a-Wish Foundation

August 18: started first grade in Miss Hale's room at Harrison Parkway Elementary School

September 2: relapsed

September 2: had to quit frst grade after only two weeks

September 16: blast cells jumped back to 86% percent...that battle was over & the war began

September 29 -October 5: inpatient at Riely for lethal dose of chemotherapy

October: wrote song titled "Someday"

October 10: bone marrow leukemia blast cells drop from 86% to 24%

October 15:
umbilical cord match found for Gabriel's transplant

October 21: Ann, the music therapist at Riley helps Gabriel write the piano music to Someday

October 27: bone marrow aspiration, spinal tap & biopsy - STILL not in remission

October 29: had port removed & central line placed

October 29: finally back in remission

November: felt "as holy as Moses" when East 91st Church elders laid hands on & anointed

November 2: pre-transplant checks of kidney, sinuses, chest, heart, lungs, bones, etc. - pulmonary test was especially difficult

November 11- 19: full body radiation treatments for two hours per day

Novemebr 18: radiation testicular boost

November 19: admitted to Riley Hospital for Children's Stem Cell Transplant Unit for transplant stay

November 23: got stem cell transplant/cord blood infusion - a new shot at life from an umbilical cord donated in California

December 8: new cells engrafted

December 9: got venal occlusive disease & pnuemonia

December 12: eighth birthday

December 23: visited by Reggie Miller & Pacers
January 7: came home after 50 day stay at hospital

January: took 34 pills per day

February 10 - 23: treated for adeno virus

February 28: blast cells appear in peripheral blood

March 2: day 100 post-transplant

March 3: relapsed again

March 3: received news of 3-4 weeks to live

March 3: visited by angels

March 11: last outing - went in limo to Miyako Japanese Steakhouse & Pacers game

March 14: last visit to Riley Hospital for Chilldren

March 30: died at home at 5:15 p.m.

March 30: pussy willow tree planted

April 1: visitation at East 91st Street Christian Church

April 2: funeral at E91 officiated by Derek Duncan

April 2: buried at Oaklawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery in The Garden of Trinity, Lot 106A, Space 4

April: memorial fund started at Riley Hospital for Children for Stem Cell Transplant Unit

April 7: aritcle in Fishers Topics newspaper about being a police officer (Boy With Badge Forges Legacy by Chris Sikich)

April: Flanner & Buchanan Mortuaries donate for memorial tree to the USDA Forest Service Plant-a-Tree program

May: memorial garden with brass cranes built & planted at Harrison Parkway Elementary School

May: "Forever My Angel, Forever Gabriel" bath salts given by mom as Mother's Day gifts 

June: memorial garden planted at home with outdoor flowers from funeral

June: "Someday" poem won First Place & Editor's Choice for Outstanding Achievment in The International Library of Poetry's junior poetry contest

September 10: Molly Glaser, Stem Cell Transplant Unit little, sweet neighbor joins Gabriel in heaven

October: article in Indianapolis Monthly magazine about casket (Buried Treasure by Marc D. Allen)

October: "Gabriel's Angels" Light the Night team raised $8,330.00 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 

October: memorial web site started

November 13: candlelight memorial service at St. Luke's United Methodist church for Brooke's Place

November: name on the T-shirts of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training team that he was the patient honoree for in 2004 (Jim Glover, TNT mentor)

November 19: remembrance breakfast at East 91st Street Christian Church

December 9: mom made scrapbook about her perspective of being without Gabriel for his birthday 

December 12: ninth birthday

December 12: birthday remembrance breakfast at The Original Pancake House, Gabriel's faviorite steriod dining spot - admission is one board game or book for Riley Hospital for Children
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