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Your son Gabriel  / Catherine Costello   Read >>
Your son Gabriel  / Catherine Costello
I am so sorry for the loss of your little boy Gabriel. Another angel friend for Steven. I loss my son, Steven, 31 August 2004 after a 13 week battle with a brain tumor. He was 9 3/4. Just like Gabriel, he was the sunshine of our lives & he was our youngest son. I will pray for your family. God bless. Close
My Brother  / Dylan Helminger (Brother)  Read >>
My Brother  / Dylan Helminger (Brother)

  My Brother

     Do you have a good relationship with your sibling? I can tell you that you should, because I lost that relationship when my brother, Gabriel, passed away on March 30, 2005. I was his best friend and we played everyday. We loved each other until the end.
My brother died because he had a disease called leukemia. Leukemia is a type of cancer in your blood stream. It creates blast cells, which are immature blood cells that build up and won’t let healthy cells grow. Leukemia is a non-contagious disease. Gabe had a ninety-percent survival rate in the beginning, but his leukemia kept coming back.  
The medicines my brother, Gabriel, was on are called chemotherapy. What they do is pretty much poison your body as much as they can without killing the person on them. It may seem like chemotherapy is harmful, because it is. Unfortunately, chemotherapy is the only way to kill leukemia. When a person gets chemotherapy, their hair falls out. When Gabriel went bald, I shaved my hair off so we could look alike. He was happy about that.

     My brother went into the hospital in spurts. He went every week during the day. His longest stay was fifty days, including nights. The hospital he went to is called Riley Hospital for Children. When he was there, I was always by his side. When I got home from school, I went straight to Riley. I usually did my homework in the car or hospital room. I stayed there all day until it was time to come home and go to bed.

     I have a lot of memories about Gabe. Most of them are good, but sometimes he was a little naughty. One time I saved enough money to buy a cam-corder, so I bought it and we made a movie together. It is called Star Wars Episode VII. I was the director and in one scene an actor. Gabriel was the star and producer. We never got to finish it, because Gabriel’s cancer came back, but it is still pretty good.

     One medicine people with leukemia take is steroids. When Gabriel was on steroids he was always a little grumpy. Sometimes it was actually funny until he got mad. He could be kind of mean, but I knew it was just his medicine.

     I had a four-week-notice before Gabriel died. During most of that time I was by his bed. I even slept by him at night. He was usually in between being awake and asleep. A good example of that is; one day when he wanted me to sort out his favorite cards. He thought I did it once, but I actually did it seven times! I would have done it a million times just to make him happy.

     If one day you are having a fight with your brother or sister, just think about you would feel if you didn’t have them in your life anymore. Right now I would do anything to have Gabe back. Here is another thing to think about; you can fit a million to a billion white blood cells on the top of a pin head and only one has to have a genetic injury for someone to have leukemia.    

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